Getting Started with Manage It

Email tasks to projects

Manage It allows you to email tasks into your projects by simply sending an email to your project's email address.

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To be able to send emails to a project, first click the 'Share' button at the top right of your screen and choose 'Email tasks to project...':

Each project has it's own unique email address. To find the email address of a project, click the "Enable" button next to the project name. Once a project is enabled you will see the email address you can use to send emails to this project. To turn off the email address simply click the disable button. To change the email address of the project just disable then enable the project again.

Adding tasks

To create a new task, all you need to do is send an email to the project's email address that you just enabled. The subject of the email will be the name of the task and the content of the email will be included as the task note.

Attaching files

You can also attach files to your task by simply attaching the file or files to your email before you send it. You will see the attached files when you open the task in Manage It:

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